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Ironworks Solutions with Ironguard
A flexible and convenient solution to repair problematic manhole reinstatements in asphalt and concrete with a 5 year minimum guarantee.
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At A Glance
  • 100% BBA HAPAS Approved
  • HD27/04 and HA014/09 Compliant
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Optional Innovative RFID Tagging
  • Quick Cure
  • Joint-Free Repair
  • Can be trafficked in one hour, full strength achieved in 2 hours
  • 100% on-site process
  • Fast installation
  • Long-lasting (at least 5 years)
  • Permanent repair
  • Can be applied any time of the year
  • Roads and Highways
  • All Airfield Pavements
  • Industrial Hardstandings
  • Surface Car Parks
    Manholes in Carriageways

    Manholes and Gullies are often the weak point in a carriageway. With ever greater traffic flows and road layouts being changed ironworks are being subject to loads that they were often not designed to cope with (or to be honest were sometimes designed to cope with but not installed correctly).

    Whatever the reason for the failure, LMS Highways can remove, re-bed and re-install your ironwork using specialist materials that are designed to take a hammering. From high strength mortars to self levelling surface courses that do not need compaction (poor compaction on installation is a common cause of ironwork failure) we have a range of products and processes that means your ironwork will stand the test of time.

    LMS Highways can deal with non-standard sizing and with substantial experience in highway surface repair, we have the experience to deal with deterioated surfaces and unexpected structural conditions.

    IronGuard (IG) is an HAPAS approved revolutionary, polymer based, bituminous repair system developed for the reinstatement of all types of ironwork on highways and airfields in asphalt and concrete pavements. Producing a permanent repair, with 5 year guarantee, IronGuard is a 100% on-site process and requires no subsequent maintenance.
    Fastfill/Maxicrete Hybrid
    Suitable for use in both concrete and asphalt carriageways our flexible concrete and Maxicrete hybrid system is ideal for greater repair depths and shorter working windows. By using a cold self-levelling bulked base material and a hot applied wearing course reduces the overall curing time as there is less bulk of molten material to cool.
    10-15% cost savings when combined with other services
    Kerb To Kerb Savings
    LMS Highways are uniquely placed to offer a typical saving of between 10-15% when we supply more than one service, e.g. joint repair followed by road marking reinstatement. That means a great discount and a joined up service for better accountability and reduced closure times.
    Call us today on 01626 331771 to discuss your requirements.
    Ironworks Questions?
    Contact us for friendly advice, a quote or site visit. We have depots across the UK.
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