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One year of Ironworks
Posted by Danny Corder on Wed 9th March 2016
It's just over a year ago that LMS Highways began supplying Ironwork products to customers across the UK. HighwaysIndustry.com reflect on the story so far...
This article was recently published by HighwaysIndustry.com and reproduced with permission.

As many a local authority knows only too well, manholes and gullies are often the weak point in a carriageway. And with ever greater traffic flows and road layouts being changed, ironworks are being subject to loads that they were often not designed to cope with (or to be honest were sometimes designed to cope with but not installed correctly).

That's where LMS Highways are helping customers up and down the UK. The company already enjoys a great reputation for its array of joint repair products and the service it backs those up with - but they've just completed one year of providing Ironguard solutions with the local authority's favourite feature of all - a 5 year guarantee.

LMS can remove, re-bed and re-install your ironwork using specialist materials that are designed to take a real hammering. From high strength mortars to self levelling surface courses that do not need compaction (poor compaction on installation is a common cause of ironwork failure), they are offering a range of products and processes that means your ironwork will stand the test of time.

The traditional way to reinstate is to rebuild as they were originally and put more tarmac in. This is 'cheap and cheerful' but only has a limited longevity, with some repairs only lasting as little as 3 months. LMS Ironguard solutions are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years - yes, you read that correctly. 5 whole, problem free years.

The LMS iron works products used are:

  • Ironguard - by Dantex Ltd, BBA + HAPAS approved.
  • Pacopatch - by Pure Asphalt.
  • CE marked mastic asphalt specially sourced from Europe.

    According to Paul Winter, Managing Director, the company works closely with a carefully selected supply chain sourced from across Europe to specifically fit in with the high quality requirements needed.

    With a number of Ironguard solutions installed successfully on the M25, latest installs are on the A4 in the Bristol Avonmouth area, A483 near Chester and A5036 near Crosby.

    "The A5036 is one of the busiest trunk roads within Area 10 and is one of the main routes to Liverpool docks. As part of a large resurfacing scheme LMS have carried out the replacement of a large proportion of the carriageway ironwork assets. The works that LMS have carried out have enabled the ironwork replacement works to be carried out and the road successfully opened to traffic every morning."
    Balfour Beatty Mott Macdonald Spokesman

    For LMS, the mission is to be able to repair the carriageway from kerb to kerb. Ironguard solutions take the company another step towards this goal, complementing their joint repair product portfolio and existing core competencies. And further integrating Ironguard solutions with their joint and crack repair is a big objective for 2016. And why?

    "It's the entire kerb to kerb service we're striving for." Paul Winter, Managing Director of LMS told us.

    "It's important to us that we can handle every aspect of the work, and offer our customers an all-in-one solution they can trust. By continually looking to add and develop solutions that complement our existing skill set we are well and truly on the way to achieving our goal. Since launching our Ironworks range we have worked on a number of schemes to great success, a huge factor in this being unbeatable levels of service and after-support. As this range complements our joint and crack repair divisions, we are one step closer to the kerb to kerb perfection we strive for."

    Original article at HighwaysIndustry.com
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