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LMS Civil Solutions Salt Barn Concrete Bay - First Phase Completed
Posted by Danny Corder on Wed 10th August 2016
The LMS Civil Solutions team are celebrating the completion of Phase 1 of a project to provide a high-specification large concrete bay for a brand new Salt Barn for a motorway maintenance depot.
This article was recently published by HighwaysIndustry.com and reproduced with permission.

This work, is a typical example of how LMS Civil Solutions with their knowledge and experience are able to excel and impress in very difficult conditions.

The initial phase of constructing the ring beam and pouring the concrete would normally be allocated 8 weeks for completion. However, for various reasons prior to LMS's engagement in the project, the team were left with just 3 weeks to complete the initial phase to stay within the challenging programme.

In order to achieve this, LMS's Paul Burton has been working closely with all and has been playing an important role in the overall project management.

He told us:
"The difficulties with the reduced timeframe meant that we've not only had to work in a reduced operating space along with the other team who are busy assembling the structure, but we've also had to ensure that we're not causing any disruption to the 24/7 operations of this busy network hub. The very hot weather towards the end of this phase has created additional challenges".
So does Paul Burton now regret famously telling the LMS Directors that "the more complicated it is", the more he enjoys the challenge?
"Absolutely not, it's all about the preparation and we've come into the project knowing exactly what we're going to encounter, what needs to be done and how we're going to achieve that".
The Project Supervisor commented:
"To be fair to Paul and the LMS Civil Solutions team, we gave them a challenge and they've run with it and delivered to specification and on-time for the initial phase. I'm delighted so far and look forward to completing the project with them".
The team now move on the groundworks stage, providing drainage, kerbs, catchpits and an attenuation tank to allow collected water to be filtered and recycled and used elsewhere within the facility.

The project is due for completion in September, well in time for any potential cold weather and ice conditions over the winter months. The barn, when fully loaded enables the storage of up to 5,500 tonnes of salt, enough for a continuous week of salt spreading in the area.
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