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LMS Highways completes Central London Ironworks replacement
Posted by Danny Corder on Mon 19th June 2017
On behalf of a major contractor working within Central London, two skilled Ironworks crews have been working on the replacement of the Ironworks through Victoria and Buckingham Place.
The crews despatched from our Harlow depot are masters in the breakout and removal of old ironworks, installation of new ironworks and when required, re-instatement of existing ironworks. They have completed a number of projects recently using all of these skills with considerable effect.

The overall works stretched over a number of separate projects.

During the final 6 days, the teams broke out and replaced 50 ironwork units including gullies, single manholes and double manholes. On this occasion the contractor sourced their own approved Ironworks materials used for the replacement but in most cases our customers choose our respected Ironguard solution, which offers a minimum 5 year guarantee.

Manholes and Gullies are often the weak point in a carriageway. With ever greater traffic flows and road layouts being changed, ironworks are being subject to loads that they were often not designed to cope with (or to be honest were sometimes designed to cope with but not installed correctly).

LMS Highways Ironguard solutions have the following benefits:

  • 100% BBA HAPAS Approved
  • HD27/04 and HA014/09 Compliant
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Optional Innovative RFID Tagging
  • Quick Cure Joint-Free Repair

  • More details can be found at For advice and quotes, please contact us on 01626 331771.
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