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HFS, Imprint & Line Marking in Exeter
Posted by Danny Corder on Mon 18th September 2017
LMS Highways Kerb to Kerb service offers one stop accountability and savings on traffic calming project near Exeter.
Pinhoe is a village on the north eastern outskirts of Exeter, Devon. Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2017, a number of our skilled crews have attended the site at different times of the day and night, calling on different techniques and expertise as part of our 'Kerb to Kerb' service.

So far, we have delivered the following:

High Friction Surfacing

Also known as HFS or Anti-Skid Surfacing increases safety and reduces accident rates in a variety of situations. So far, for the required areas withing the project we have used both red and buff coloured calcined Bauxite at 1-3mm in size.

Imprint Surfacing

A hot-applied thermal resin-based product available in a variety of styles and colours. Not only is it longer-lasting and harder-wearing than traditional blockwork but it also offers additional safety benefits such as a high skid-resistance value (SRV) and a behaviour similar to tarmac which reduces the risk of trip hazards (unlike blockwork). A cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, safe alternative to blocks. Over the course of these works we have applied grey imprint surfacing to a ramped area.
Line Marking

Hot and cold applied road markings via screed or extrusion. For this we have used both white and yellow thermoplastic paint for a multitude of markings:

Junction dot
Centre Lines
Edge of carriageways
Road Hump teeth
Speed roundabouts
Pedestrian crossing
Zig zag lines
Bus stops
Edge lines
Round about junction dots
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