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Tarmac (Asphalt) Highway Repairs
BBA HAPAS Approved Cost-Effective Solutions
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Inlaid Repairs
Sometimes known as Inlaid Single Crack and Inlaid Multiple Crack, these are typically installed at widths of 100-250mm and 20-40mm deep. Inlaid Repairs can be used to repair cracks and fretted joints in asphalt that are at risk of degenerating into more expensive repairs. LMS Highways install repair systems that are certified under BBA HAPAS guidelines and specification for highways works clause 711.
SAMI Repair
Designed to be installed before an asphalt overlay, LMS Highways offer a variety of screed or recessed layers that will help prevent reflective cracking and also seal the joint in the surfacing layer below the wearing course to prevent water ingress.
Suitable for cracks up to 5mm wide with a repair width of up to 40mm, overbanding is typicall used on narrow cracks or new joints. The system is fast to install, seals and prevents water ingress and is a low cost preventative maintenance tool.
Fill & Overband
Suitable for cracks up to 40mm wide and a repair width of up to 200mm, Fill & Overband seals and prevents water ingress while reinstating the surface profile and providing long term skid resistance value (SRV). The treatment is available in both hot applied and cold applied systems with 3-5 years expected life depending on system and is of course fully BBA HAPAS approved.
10-15% cost savings when combined with other services
Kerb To Kerb Savings
LMS Highways are uniquely placed to offer a typical saving of between 10-15% when we supply more than one service, e.g. joint repair followed by road marking reinstatement. That means a great discount and a joined up service for better accountability and reduced closure times.
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Asphalt Joint Repair Questions?
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